Areola Canasta was a henchwoman and sometime girlfriend of Augustus Steranko, for whose affections she competed with Ilsa Grunt. She was first seen with him at the casino he owned, sitting alongside him as he played Baccarat with Michael Corben. Michael used his "X-ray specs" to cheat, and to see Areola naked (although she didn't seem to notice. Afterwards, Steranko sent Areola to kill Michael). When Ilsa learned of this, she went behind Steranko's back and sent faithful Zigesfeld to kill both of them.

At Michael's hotel, Areola seduced him and attempted to murder him using her pet scorpion, but he did not notice and his frantic search for condoms resulted in the scorpion going down Areola's dress and stinging her instead. Her frantic writhing was mistaken by Michael for dancing, especially after she bumped into a stereo and turned the music on really loud accidentally. Before she had time to die from the poison, Zigesfeld arrived and blew her up with a rocket launcher.

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