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Arion is a minor antagonist from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. He is the son of Travant and is the crown prince of Thracia. In addition, due to him being a full-blooded descendant of the Crusader Dáinn, he is able to wield Gungnir.


At some point before Grann 776, he was betrothed to Linoan, the ruler of the city of Tahra. Due to her being in danger from the Grannvale Empire, he ordered one of his knights, Dean, to protect her, with Dean being forced to leave the Thracian army in order to do so. During the siege of Tahra in Grann 776, he convinces his father to allow him to lead an assault on the city, then negotiates a controlled surrender with Linoan, which places Tahra under his control in order ensure the safety of its residents from the Grannvale Empire and the Loptr Church.

In Grann 777, while Seliph's army is fighting Duke Bloom of Friege in the Munster District, Arion receives a request for reinforcements from Bloom and reports it to Travant, who decides to ignore it, wishing for both sides to weaken each other. When Seliph's army invades Thracia, Arion's adopted sister, Altena, learns from Leif that she is actually the daughter of Prince Quan of Leonster, who had been murdered years earlier by Travant, and confronts Travant. Just when she is about to attack Travant, Arion subdues her, making it look like he killed her. Knowing that Thracia is in good hands, Travant gives Arion the Gungnir and leaves to fight Seliph's army himself. Following Travant's death, Arion tells Altena to join Seliph and Leif's army, but warns that the next time they meet, they will be enemies. Later on, Arion fights Seliph's army and is defeated, but is saved by Prince Julius of Grannvale, who warps him away to safety.

Later on, duing the final battle, Arion is ordered by Julius to retake Chalphy Castle while Seliph's forces are away. He is confronted again by Altena, who convinces him to join Seliph's army. However, he states that he fights not for Seliph, but for Altena.


Even though he sometimes disagrees with his methods, Arion hold his father in the highest regard and is determined to prove himself as a worthy heir. Although he greatly respects Altena and attempts to justify her actions, he nonetheless regularly sides with Travant when he and Altena clash on certain matters. Following Travant's death, for a time, he becomes determined to oppose Seliph's army, believing that it is Travant's dying wish, but, knowing what will happen, tells Altena to leave Thracia and ally with Leif and Seliph, knowing full well that they will have to fight each other. Altena interprets Arion's choice as him as being too focused on his ego to tell what is right and wrong.



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