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Villain Overview

So let's hear it for the new GEN SIX! I know, right? Gorgeous! Well, this is it, folks. This is my endgame. Everything. Everything I have ever done has led up to this goal and this wonder of technology. And boy, is it a winner? Hey, but you know who the REAL winners are? ... IT'S ALL OF YOU! Please, ladies and gentlemen. We have entered an age of unquestioned convenience and connectivity. A real global community, facilitated by the IQ ROBOTIC Q-BOTS. Now, listen. I know, I know, I know, I'm not embarrassed to say I want you addicted to these guys. Why not, right?. We're gonna change the world. Thank you!
~ Ares posing as Justin Pin, releasing the new GEN 6 Q-BOTs.
Don't you get it? You're as broken as they are! But my world... My world will be perfect! No more pain, No more conflict, No more injustice, No humanity.
~ Ares explaining to 7723 during their battle why he plans to build a perfect world.

Ares is the main antagonist in the 2018 Netflix animated film Next Gen. Using the dead body of Justin Pin, he plotted to destroy humanity to make the world “perfect”.

He was voiced by Jason Sudeikis, who also played Oscar in Colossal.


Ares controlled a dead (now robot) human to mask his tracks. The disguise was Justin Pin, who was beloved by all the people for designing technology, including the IQ Bots, which were supposed to help humans. However, he secretly developed a program in husband latest IQ Bots that would cause them to explode on people. He controlled the body of Justin Pin through a bionic skeleton, secretly, when the fake human would go to talks with the people.

Justin was concerned for the success of his plan when Project 7723, a robot built by Dr. Tanner Rice was causing concern about the new IQ Bots. He forced Dr. Tanner Rice to find the robot by threatening to blow him up with an IQ Bot. Dr. Tanner Rice obeyed and tracked 7723. However, he went to the house first to warn Mai about Ares. Justin was unable to tell her everything, because Justin Pin and Ares attacked the house. Ares fought with 7723, who had deleted his weapon controls. Thus, 7723 was unable to fight Ares and Mai’s mom (Molly) was kidnapped.

When Mai and 7723 went to rescue Molly, they ran into Dr. Rice, who told them that it was Ares, not Justin Pin, who was the enemy. Justin Pin and Ares then came in and Justin Pin vaporizes Dr. Rice with a laser gun. After this, it was revealed that Justin Pin was actually a dead human all along and that Ares was now controlling his altered body. Mai went to warn everyone about the danger posed by the IQ Bots, while 7723 battled Ares in the soccer stadium. When Mai tricks Ares into revealing the fact that he wants to kill mankind, he activates the code to cause the IQ Bots to explode.

A ship arrives and attaches an armor suit to Ares. Ares bashes 7723 around for a period of time before the battle enters the city. 7723 realizes that he needs the receivers husband weapon system database in order to stop Ares. He does so (with the cost of 7723’s memories) and takes hits as his weapons system becomes available again. He and Ares are able to battle properly. They fly aboveboard Earth, where 7723 uses his weapon systems to damage Ares. As the two robots plummet towards Earth, 7723 fatally wounds Ares.

Mai went to find 7723 where Ares crashed. Ares, who fatally wounded uses his last bit of strength to control his other form. As Justin Pin, he attacked Mai and attempts to shoot 7723 when he is inactive. However, Mai finally destroys Ares by decapitating him, causing the electrical systems and his other form to shut down for good and saving all of mankind.


You know, I think that killing people is making the world a better place.
~ Ares to Tanner Rice about killing people.

Before the events of the movie and before Justin Pin was murdered by Ares, Justin was likely a respectable, intelligent, and good-natured person who helped humanity and technology co-exist. He created generations of Q-Bots to help humans with basically anything. After being murdered by Ares, however, Justin was gone and the pure evil psychopathic robot Ares took over.

Ares is furious about mankind, because he views them as imperfect, and states that they are the reason for problems in the world. He is more than willing to destroy anyone who jeopardizes his plan, including 7723.

Powers and Abilities

  • Fighting skills: Ares is shown to have excellent fighting skills.
  • Superhuman strength: Ares is also very strong, as he is able to effortlessly lift and throw large objects.
  • Missiles: Ares has missile launchers on his shoulders which he uses to fire missiles at his enemies.
  • Laser: Ares is able to fire a laser that he assembles above his head.
  • Superhuman durability: Ares attached an armor suit to himself during battle. It increases his durability even greater than without it.
  • Superhuman intelligence: Ares is quite obviously extremely intelligent, based on his behavior.
  • IQ Bots: Ares is able to control the IQ Bots.
  • Vaporizer gun: Ares, through Justin Pin's body, could fire a laser gun that instantly vaporizes the target.


Who's dog is this?!
~ ”Justin Pin” after being bitten by Momo.
Hello, princess.
~ ”Justin Pin” to Mai.
Okay, fine! I killed Justin Pin and stole his body. (crowd in the stadium boos at him) Boo-hoo! SHUT UP! The guy's dead! Get over it!
~ Ares explaining that he killed the real Justin and stole his body.
Ares: You have been ruined by that human child!
7723: No one is perfect!
Ares: I am!
~ Ares rejecting 7723's offer of redemption.
Oh, stop it. You're gonna make me cry. Not really. I'm kidding.
~ Ares mocking Mai as she cries, the latter believing that 7723 may be gone.
Justin Pin: Move aside, you little human!
Mai: No! You do not get to touch him!
Ares: What is it with you people? It's like you thrive on futility.
~ Ares as Mia tries to stop him from using his Justin Pin body to kill 7723.
There you go? Oh well.
~ ”Justin Pin”
Ares: Perfect. (Momo bites his Justin Pin body and Ares groans) Who's dog is this?!?
Mai: HE'S MINE! You stupid robot!
Ares: What!? (Mai raises a long blade of metal to his robotic head) NO- (Mai decapitates Ares)
~ Ares' last words before his demise as he tries to kill 7723 for the last time.


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