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Help me, Shisandan. Restore my hands to me. Somebody... Anybody... How can this be? Why is it always you? I'm far more powerful. And far wiser, too. O My Lady, The Hero... It was said I was born to serve you, and yet...
~ Ares' final words after Red killed him.

Ares Srowa is the secondary antagonist of the Japanese light novel series Banished from the Heroes' Party, serving as the main antagonist of the light novel chapter 1-4 and the anime episode 1-12. He is a former member of the Heroes party until he betrayed them. He is one of the foremost enemies and self-proclaimed love rival of Gideon Ragnason, aka Red. He is responsible for Red's banishment from the Heroes Party out of his jealousy on him for having attentions and love from Ruti Ragnason (Red's younger sister) which he foolishly caused the Heroes Party to be disbanded eventually when the members are quitting and abandoning their roles (that includes Ruti) due to his stupidity and delusions. He later meets his own demise during his final battle against Red in his failed, yet foolish attempted to take Ruti for himself.


Ares is a selfish, deluded, lying, traitorous, and ignorant person who is the son of a failed duke that cares nobody but himself.

He hates Red for having his sister, Ruti Ragnason's attentions and love. He deemed Red as a "liability" within the Hero's Party when he banished Red and lied to his fellow Heroes that he "left for his own accord". However, due to his foolishness and lies, his actions has caused many of his fellow Heroes (who are respectful and supportive to Red) to leave/quit the Heroes' party (such as Danan LeBeau, Yarandrala, Tisse Garland and even Ruti Ragnason herself) as well, leading the disbandment of the Heroes' Party, due to their hatred towards Ares much of his dismays and fears. When Ruti reunited with Red and decided to stay with him, his hatred towards Red grew even worse.

After banishing Red out of his jealousy, he believe his "tactics and genius" to be better than Red and will manage to defeat the demon lord. Unfortunately, his so-called "genius" only leading the Heroes Party into complete disadvantages and failures where they cannot defeat the demon lord as well caused his fellows to grow their hatred towards Ares even further, meaning that his so-called "intellects: is inferior to Red's tactics and genius (which is superior and the only thing enabling the Hero's party to defeat the Demon Lord) this shown Ares to be a dimwitted fool who has an extremely low intelligence.

He is also a coward who is afraid to die even when he earned Ruti's wrath twice. He also refused to fight his own battles when he runaways from his fight and letting those fighting his battles for him making him a worthless weakling when he was killed by Red.

He is also a pervert who is obsessed of Ruti Ragnason. He desired to have her to fight against the demon lord and later getting her to marry him. However, he was rejected by her due to her love for her brother, Red. When he attempted to get her to be her side, he only get rejected again when she stabbed him for what he did to her brother.

After he failed to get Ruti to be with him, he is continually persistent who became a deranged lunatic that has suffered a complete mental breakdown through Ruti's rejections and her resignation as the Hero. Even when he was threatened that Ruti will kill him, Ares is more of a sore loser when he once again foolishly attempted to get her to be with him one last time only for him to be defeated and killed by Red.

He also lacked remorse and redeem qualities when he refused to accept that what he was doing is wrong.

In the moments of his death after Red killed him, Ares begs anyone to save him, but no avails (because of his selfishness and delusional beliefs). In his last words, he questioned Red why he always succeeded everything. while Ares failed at something, showing that Ares is even more of a deluded sore loser when still believing himself to be superior and wiser than his "love rival" as the latter refused to accepted himself in reality of being weak and dimwitted until he finally died due to blood loss.


During his fight with Red, Rit and their allies for his foolishly attempt to take Ruti for himself, Tisse uses her spider familiar to hold off Ares. Red kills Ares when he cut off both his hands and strike a fatal blow at Ares' chest with Ruti's sword. Ares cowardly dies when he was bleeding to death and begging anyone to save him only for his plea to fall on deaf ears until he passed away due to blood loss.


After his death, Ares' corpse is buried unceremoniously. Due to his dimwitted and deluded actions, the Heroes Party is disbanded and his tarnished legacy has allowed himself to be hated and unforgiven by his former fellow Heroes when he banished Red and betrayed them for his own selfishness, lies and deceptions (though Red and the former heroes (except for Theodora and Yarandrala) attend his unceremonious funeral). The former heroes decided to live at Zoltan with Red.

According to Red, Ares is not going to be reincarnate by his "sage" blessing due to him being no longer at the mercy the God Demis for his sins.


  • Ares is named after the Greek God of War.
  • Ares is the first and only known human who died in the series.
  • It is unknown if he was aware that Red and Ruti are blood-related siblings or just doesn't care due to his arrogance and dimwittedness.

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