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Argana Kalif is one of the major antagonists in the light novel and manga series Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?. She is the older sister of Bache Kalif and one of the two captains of the Kali Familia.

She was voiced by Yū Asakawa in Japanese.


Argana is a young woman with white colored long hair with gold on her ponytail, brown skin, and gold eyes. She has a revealing outfit with green, white, red, and gold. She has a dark red skirt unless with dressing when she is made it out in the dragon's left item. She is also has a gold bracelet with her right side and black jewelry in her shoulders on the each sides.


Argana is a selfless and arrogant woman, who's threatened to attack the Njord Familia fisherman simple due to her shoulder with bumping into as himself, whose he doesn't known is that sign from the flight of the dead. She expressing none remorse from the Amazons while necessary from the became as a strongest, according to Tione when she was mentioned that she can attack Tiona by herself from Bache losing due to the battle of Melen. She is able to understood with Koine, and mentioning to having to learning just came and she would listen what she saying that her opponent.

It was released that she is falls in love with Finn during she defeating by himself.

Power and Abilities

Skilled Warrior: Argana is using to expert from hand-to-hand combo, been unable to overwhelm Tione at the first fight of Melen and protected her moments at the middle at the battle.

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