Argentum is the main antagonist of the parody webcomic Asperchu from Issue 7 onwards. It is a mysterious entity created by Metal Asperchu stated to bring about the end of the world.


Argentum was created by Metal Asperchu by activating Directive 4 on an undeveloped Asperchu clone fetus. After Argentum's birth, Metalchu and his creation then teleported to CWCville. Sensing pain from Sonichu, Argentum posed as the electric hedgehog's father and corrupted him before sending him to wreak havoc.

Argentum watched with Asperchu as Sonichu rampaged through CWCville and fought against the inhabitants of the PVCC. It later disappeared for a while before resurfacing to confront Chris-Chan, Sinestro, Bionic, and Sonichu. Argentum trapped the four in imaginary worlds meant to be ideal for them, but Chris and Sinestro saw through Argentum's illusions and freed themselves.

Our heroes later went to Molvanina to discuss with Jimmy Hill about what to do about Argentum.

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