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Argo Garcia is a recurring antagonist in the Beyblade Metal Saga, making his debut in Beyblade: Metal Masters.

He was the leader of Team Garcias with his two brothers and sister all hailing from Brazil. He is a powerful and ruthless Blader who aims to win at any cost necessary with his Ray Gil 100RSF. He reappears in Shogun Steel as one of the the main villains along with Ian Garcia, Selen Garcia and Enzo Garcia in control of Kira Hayama and Yoshio Iwayama.


Argo is a tall Brazilian young man with black hair in dreadlocks with a large red headband. On his torso, he wears a red tank top underneath a thick blue vest. On his arms he wears forearm bands and brown gloves. His lower body gear consists of green shorts tightened with a black belt and brown shoes on his feet.

In Shogun Steel, He is portrayed as an adult man who grown a light beard. He wears a white suit with a lavender shirt underneath. He also sport multiple rings on his fingers.


Argo is categorized as a extremely selfish and power-crazed bully who only cares to win and satisfy his own greed by any means necessary. Due to the hardship of growing up on the streets, Argo has succumb to greed and grown up to have a misanthropic view of the world and that winning is everything and trust and hard work are meaningless and only sees Beyblade as a tool to satisfy his own greed. Argo is also insane not above injuring his opponents or using every dirty trick in the book, especially using others to do his dirty work. This rubbed off on his siblings, everyone wanting to cheat to win.

Argo is also to be exceedingly lazy and arrogant with a major superiority complex. He is rather proud of what he is instead of showing shame and remorse for his actions. He respects no one but his siblings and constantly looks down on bladers from other countries due to him believing that they have a better life than him.

Argo is also be extremely vindictive and spiteful towards anyone who caused him even the slightest offence, especially towards Tsubasa Otori just for beating him. Since his lost at the hands of Tsubasa, Argo was driven mad with revenge and would whatever it takes to crush him, even if it means selling his soul to the likes of Doji and work for Dr. Ziggurat.