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Argomon is the first major antagonist, later secondary antagonist of Digimon Adventure: in the first three episodes before the most important antagonists, Eyesmon, Devimon, Millenniummon, and Negamon. It serves as Taichi and Yamato’s as well as Agumon’s first arch-nemesis. Different Argomon appear multiple times throughout the series and they appear to possess a hivemind, remembering the destroyed Argomon's encounters with the DigiDestined. They serve as the primary henchmen of Negamon, alongside the Soundbirdmon.

It was voiced by Takashi Matsuyama in the Japanese version.


It was born from Digi-Eggs in August 2020. When Koshiro informs him that a horde of Digimon called Argomon are responsible for the chaos with Taichi and Agumon battling them to save the former’s family. Though the remaining In-Training Argomon digivolves into its Champion form. Agumon digivolves to Greymon and fights the Champion Argomon. Although the Champion Argomon seems to almost have the upper hand, Greymon still manages to defeat it. However, the Argomon still exist and manage to take control of the United States Military System, and launched a missile.

Yamato and Garurumon suddenly appear to warn Taichi and Greymon that the missle will destroy their world unless they defeat the Argomon. They manage to find the Rookie Argomon, who turns out to be the leader of the In-Training Argomon. Greymon and Garurumon manage to fight them off, while they fight the Rookie Argomon. After defeating the Rookie Argomon with their combined attacks, and the In-Training Argomon were destroyed as well. However, the Rookie Argomon digivolved to its Ultimate form and fights back. It seems to have the upper hand of Yamato and Garurumon, but Taichi and Greymon recuse them and combined their attacks to defeat the Ultimate Argomon. However, having survived that attack, the Ultimate Argomon manages to Digivolve to its Mega form. 

Argomon almost defeats Greymon and Garurumon, but DNA digivolved to Omnimon. Omnimon and the Mega Argomon engage in a brutal fight, but Omnimon manages to destroy the Mega Argomon, and deactivate the missile.

Later on, several Baby Argomon invade the network along with Calmaramon to sabotage the ship’s control. Izzy soon recognizes the same Argomon In-Training that Taichi and Agumon fought before. Sora, Joe, Mimi, and Izzy’s partner Digimon manage to defeat Calmaramon and the Baby Argomon, while Zudomon destroys the obelisk, turning the ship’s control back to normal.

After the destruction of Millenniummon, a group of Argomon confront Taichi and Agumon as part of a test with most of them digivolving to Champion and their leader digivolving to Ultimate. The Argomon separate the partners and force Agumon to pick out the real Taichi from amongst a bunch of fake copies. After being reunited with Taichi, Agumon digivolves to Greymon and then MetalGreymon to destroy many of the Champion Argomon. With more and more attacking him, MetalGreymon digivolves into WarGreymon and destroys all of the Champion Argomon with a single Terra Force. The Ultimate Argomon survives and reveals that the whole thing was a test and that its master will soon begin the Great Catastrophe. The Ultimate Argomon then departs without any further fight.

When the destruction of Ghoulmon releases Negamon to begin the Great Catastrophe, the Ultimate Argomon is present and rejoices in its master's release.

Shortly thereafter, the DigiDestined are sucked into Negamon's white void where they are confronted by the Ultimate Argomon who transitions into its Worm Phase and captures the DigiDestined. The Ultimate Argomon explains Negamon's original purpose and how, corrupted by the power that it has absorbed, Negamon intends to consume everything. At the same time, the Digimon partners attempt to reach the void to rescue their friends, but are repeatedly blocked by four Champion Argomon. With the sudden assistance of Komondomon, the Digimon make it past the blockade and Agumon digivolves into Greymon who easily defeats the Champion Argomon before destroying them. Garurumon frees the DigiDestined from the Ultimate Argomon, but the Ultimate Argomon digivolves to Mega while a swarm of Champion Argomon attack as well. All of the DigiDestined's partners digivolve to Champion and destroy the Champion Argomon before digivolving to Ultimate to face the Mega Argomon. Finally, the Digimon all digivolve into their own Mega forms and blast through the Mega Argomon as streaks of light in mid-digivolution. The Mega Argomon is destroyed, but warns with its last words that the time has come for Negamon to consume everything as Negamon begins attacking the Real World as well.

Other Forms

It had a five different forms. Its In-Training form is a one-eyed green octopus creature with two purple tentacles. It has a single eye and rabbit like ears. In its Rookie form, it resembles a purple one-eyed octopus creature with two green ball-like fists. In its Champion form, it resembles a bigger purple rabbit-eared octopus creature with two metal hands with three fingers on each hand. It's mouth is hidden in its four-eyed face. In its Ultimate form, it resembles similar to its Worm Phase form but lacks the humanoid version unlike in Digimon Savers. In its Mega form, it has the same appearance as the one in Savers.


As In-Training

  • Acid Bubbles

As Rookie

  • Brute Knuckle
  • Imprisonment


  • It's similar to another Digimon Villain, Diaboromon.


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