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Ari Gold (born July 21, 1967) is an anti-hero and minor antagonist and one of the main characters from the TV series "Entourage".

He is Vincent Chase's neutrotic movie agent, he offers him more film, tells him how they are made and filmed.

Ari Gold is a Hollywood super-agent, and the former representive of Vincent Chase. His wife is Melissa Gold, Ari often do some things that make her happy, sometimes he puts work before she and his children Sarah and Jonathan and when he is with Melissa does is think about sex.

Ari also appears in "Entourage" 2015 movie, where he allows Vincent Chase to direct a film.

Villainous Acts

  • Sometimes is egomaniacs, greedy and arrogant
  • When he promises to his wife something, rarely it keeps
  • Once when Ari and Melissa were in bed, Ari was angry and he vented his anger out on her


  • Ari is portrayed by Jeremy Piven
  • He had a relationship with Dana Gordon
  • His former clients are both real and fictional celebrities


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