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Don't f-ck with Aria!
~ Aria T'Loak stating the one rule of Omega

Aria T'Loak is an anti-hero in the Mass Effect franchise, first appearing in Mass Effect 2 and getting a prominent role as the deuteragonist in the Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC. Although she does a lot to help Commander Shepard and the war effort, she is not without her moments when she nearly descends into outright protagonist villain territory.

She is voiced by Carrie-Anne Moss.


Aria is easily one of the most ruthless individuals to associate with Shepard in the series, rivaling even the likes of Jack and Zaeed Massani. She rules Omega with an iron fist, something she freely admits to Shepard. During the Omega DLC, she has no qualms about sacrificing thousands of people to further her own goals, which is shown when she blatantly ordered Shepard to overload the generator to bring down the force-fields imprisoning the people. She also makes out Oleg Petrovsky to be far more evil than he really is, calling him a brute who never shows mercy when, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. She isn't lying, however, when she says he took away the freedom she tried so hard to preserve.

Besides her methods, Aria also has one fatal flaw: pride. Having gotten her way pretty much all the time for centuries, Aria is extremely arrogant, expecting everything she wants to be handed to her without question. Nyreen Kandros seemed very determined to teach her she couldn't always get what she wanted, refusing to let her take control of the Talons despite knowing what happens to people who argue with her, which is implied to be death by her hands.

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