Ariels also known as the Universal Will is the current main antagonist of the Guilty Gear series.


The Universal Will was created by the Original who was also Asuka R. Krutz's mentor and was made to guide humanity to it's potenial. She would later go on the deep end due to Humanity's imperfect prefection and decided that it was not worth the effort, so she decides to kill them and make them suffer. To that end she had to make the Valientines and made Aria into Justice thus indirectly caused the events of Guilty Gear and Asuka to try and stop her for good.During the events of overtune and Xrd The Universal will creates the Valentines clones of Aria and had them go out and destroy and collect Magic for Her. After the Original Valentine's death she deicde to create Ramlathel and Elphet to carry out her plans and have Bedman due her biding. After Ram's defection she decides to take action and later kills Bedman after his defeat.

Powers and Ablitles

The Universal will is one of the most powerful entites in the Guilty Gear universe capaple of traveling to the backyard and using magic.

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