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Arietta is one of the Six-God Generals and an antagonist in the video game Tales of the Abyss and its anime adaptation. She was raised by the ligers after she lost her parents in the Hod War.

She was voiced by Satsuki Yukino in Japanese and English dubbed by Kate Higgins.


After the Liger Queen was killed, Arietta was shocked and swore revenge against Luke and the others. She was seen with Legretta trying to seize them outside a ship. Later on, she kidnapped Ion and held him hostage at Choral Castle just so Luke and the others would arrive. She fought them by using her beasts and fled after the fight was over. At Mt. Roneal, a snowy mountain, she, Largo, and Legretta fought them together, only to be swallowed by an avalanche afterwards; they eventually survived.

At Daath, she had Anise's parents taken in order for Anise to have a duel with her, which Anise accepts. She and Anise fought in the Cheagle Woods. After Arietta died, Largo was seen carrying her body away.


  • Like most of the villains in Tales of the Abyss (excluding Dist) Arietta is quite honorable. She helped save the heroes when Ion's life was on the line and formally invited Anise to their final duel instead of trying to ambush or sneak up on her.
  • Arietta could be considered the least evil of the God Generals on account of her tragic life. Between the fact that she felt Ion left her for Anise and that the party killed the animal that raised her, it makes sense why she was bitter and wrathful towards the party.
  • Arietta is the first God General to be fought and the first God General to have a final duel.

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