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Aristide Akintola is an Minor antagonist from Criminal Case: Save the World.


In Crash and Burn, the team crashed their plane into the jungles of Madagascar. Aristide became a suspect after the player found dog tags in the victim, Jakobo's, satchel. It was revealed that the victim wanted to kick Aristide out of the army. Apparently, the loss of his eye and his addiction to pain medicine made Jakobo believe Aristide was no longer fit to serve.

In the end, Aristide turned out to be Jakobo's killer. He was also the one who shot the plane's hydraulic pipes, crashing the plane. Aristide intended to kill the Bureau members, but when he saw Jakobo he couldn't resist slitting his throat. Judge Adaku sentenced him to thirty years in jail.

Later, it turned out that SOMBRA had paid him to shoot down the plane. However, Aristide received special instructions about the flight path that only Bureau members would know. In other words, this meant that a Bureau member was working for SOMBRA.

In the case In Plain Sight, the mole had let Aristide out of jail. He knocked out Carmen and held her hostage in the victim's room. So, Jonah shot him in the head, killing him.


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