I hadn't notice my imperfection. I believed I was perfect. Even such a belief of being perfect is a seed of imperfection as well. Ahh, I'm merely a paradox ever since the beginning. So I can't even become that man you always anticipated—
~ Arjuna Alter's final words
~ Arjuna screaming Karna's name.

Arjuna Alter, also known as Arjuna Over Gods, the Final Dark God and God Arjuna, is the Lostbelt King of Indian Lostbelt and a major antagonist of Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt.

He is the unseen overarching antagonist of the Tokugawa Labyrinth event and the main antagonist of Yuga Kshetra: Genesis Destruction Cycle chapter.

He is voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki, who also voiced Ritsuka Fujimaru (male), Edmond Dantes and the original Arjuna in Fate franchise, Akhos in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Joffrey Baratheon in the Japanese dub of Game of Thrones.


Arjuna Alter is an altered version of Arjuna who first appears in Yuga Kshetra as the Lostbelt's almighty god and ruler, overseeing the Yuga cycle and people in his dominion, where he descended into madness after being taken over by his darker self, Krishna.

From there, the entire Lostbelt Hindu pantheon, excluding Kama and Ganesha, decided to become one, perfect god, merging with Arjuna to oversee the Indian Lostbelt by reseting it every thousand or so years through the Yuga cycles. He later becomes obssessed with purging what he believes to be evil in order to maintain order. Under Caster Limbo's influence, he had gone rogue. In spite of losing his original personality, he retains an intense grudge towards Karna, even more so than the original Arjuna himself.

His playable version is released in the chapter's second summoning campaign as a limited Servant. Unlike the enemy version, the playable version of Arjuna Alter only merged with Shiva. Above all, he has progressively become more humane when he enters phase three.


  • Arjuna Alter's character designer is Pako, who also designed Karna, Scandinavia Peperoncino and the original Arjuna, as well as being the CG illustratior of Yuga Kshetra chapter.
  • Despite being the Final Dark God referred on Lostbelt No.4's subtitle, Arjuna Alter doesn't serve as this chapter's trademark character, which a role that is taken by Peperoncino instead.


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