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Sakuyo Ichirin is a Florist-Type HumaGear that competed in a competition against Rentaro Tachibana using the Zaia Spec before temporarily being hacked by the Ark and transformed into the Ark Magia (Onycho Type).


Sakuyo is visited by Aruto and Izu when she was working on the flower. They have a talk about the florist competition and Sakuyo accepts the offer. To increase her knowledge, she is taken to Hiden Corps for having her mind to be put on Zea Satellite for learning the skills.

During the day of the competition with Rentaro Tachibana, Sakuyo competed with him and lost. Despite the judgement's scoring, Sakuyo comments on Rentaro's working to be incompetent as she found an odd on his style, even goes far by telling that Rentaro doesn't fit to accept his Tachibana title which angering him. But after Rentaro slaps her until she falls to the ground, Ark hacks her and turns her into a Magia.

Aruto tries to stop her by accessing into Zero One Flying Falcon. But Gai interfere by transforming into Kamen Rider Thouser and going to beat him up alongside destroying Sakuyo for getting in his way.

Despite being hacked by the Ark, Sakuyo was not hacked with a ZetsumeRiser, meaning her data was able to be restored, allowing her to participate in the second competition against Rentaro.


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