Sool was no friend of his. Or anyone's.
~ Foaly about Sool

Ark Sool is a recurring antagonist in the Artemis Fowl series. He serves as a secondary antagonist in The Opal Deception, and a minor antagonist in The Lost Colony and The Antlantis Complex.


The Opal Deception

In The Opal Decption, Ark Sool, while he is technically following the law, his arrogance and short-sightedness almost lead to the arrest/death of Holly Short and the success of Opal Koboi's plan. to commit genocide against the faries.

After Julius Root was killed by Opal. Sool believed Holly was guilty. He saw the LEP as irresponsible mavericks and didn't trust any of them. He was rude to Foaly, believing him to be an ineffective asset. 

Even when foaly presented evidence of Holly's innocence, Sool refused to believe him. He ordered Trouble Kelp to fire on the ship with Holly, Artemis, Butler, and Mulch, and kill all of them. Fortunately, Trouble sent communications to Holly, allowing her to explain her side of the story. 

After Holly was absolved, Sool announced that he did not trust her, which caused her to resign. Sool then ordered Artemis  and Bulter be tranquilized.

The Lost Colony

When the Island of Hybris and the entire demon species was in danger, Sool tried to let all of the demon population die off, and for this he was fired.

The Altantis Complex

After he was fired, Sool decided to make more money by becoming a criminal. He joined Turnball Root and managed his affairs. He was useful in handling the business aspect of Root's criminal operation. In the battle on the Nostremius, he was crushed when Butler fell on him.


Sool is arrogant, rude, and short-sided. He at any given point will refuse to see the point of view of others, even if his actions will cause death. In all of his interactions, he is rude and abrasive, and will always insult and demean anyone he is talking to.


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