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The clock is ticking.
~ Arkady's most famous line.

Arkady is the main antagonist of the 2018 live-action movie Final Score. He is the megalomaniacal and ambitious leader of the Ring of Arkady, as well as Dimitri's brother turned arch-nemesis, and is the boss for Tatiana and Viktor.

He was portrayed by Ray Stevenson, who also played the role of Firefly from G.I Joe, Roger Wesley in The Other Guys, and Big Ray in Accident Man.


He hires The Ring of Arkady and forces his brother Dimitri to sabotage a soccer field so he can become the supreme leader of Russia. However, soon enough, Michael Knox starts tracking his scheme, and spying on him and his goons.

After he discovers that Michael is spying on him, he sends his goons to kill him. Meanwhile, he orders Dimitri to plant a bomb in the area. He threatens to kill 3 innocent woman if Dimitri does not agree to bomb the area. Dimitri obeys his brother's command, and activates the bomb. He also sends Tatiana to bring Danni to him.

As he receives Danni, he reveals that she is all he needs to get Michael to come to him. He later sends Danni to a rooftop just to encounter Michael and tells him that he will shoot her if he doesn't come and sacrifice himself. Michael comes and fights Akardy. However, in the middle of the battle, Tatiana pushes Michael, and attempts to kill him. Michael, however, manages to kill Tatiana and get the information about Akardy's current location.

Akardy later receives Danni from Dimitri, and gets ready to kill Danni. However, Dimitri refuses to kill her and commits suicide by shooting his own neck. Akardy gets shocked for realizing he has no more acess to the law without Dimitri. However, the bomb does explode, and Akardy broadcasts a live video on the screen telling the citizens to turn him into their leader. He runs off with Danni as his hostage, but Michael comes and aims a gun at him. Before he could slice Danni's throat, Michael shoots him on the head.


Arkady is megalomaniacal, sadistic and fearsome as he plans to bomb hundreds of thousands of people with no remorse. He has joy of causing massacres, and he intends to become the ruler of Russia by causing and orchestrating acts of terror. He has no heart and no feelings to others, not even to his brother Dimitri, who was used to make Akardy's plans lawful.