The Arkham Knight's Militia are an organized paramilitary force, and the main antagonistic faction of Batman: Arkham Knight. It is a military organization led by Scarecrow, the Arkham Knight, and Deathstroke, all of whom sought to take over Gotham City and kill Batman once and for all. Unlike Bane's Militia, the Arkham Knight's Militia is a literal military unit comprised of expert soldiers and mercenaries with shady pasts.

They were voiced by David Boat, Steve Blum, and Brian T. Delaney. Steve also voiced Killer Croc, Electrocutioner, and Sickle in the same series.


Pre-Arkham Knight

Prior to the events of Arkham Knight, the Militia were once stationed at a secret training facility somewhere in Venezuela where various mercenaries were gathered. The Arkham Knight had managed to gather and lead a large army of mercenaries from all over the world and used this secret facility to train them for the inevitable attack on Gotham City. Each of the mercenaries all had dark pasts and various backgrounds making the Militia a very sophisticated and well trained organization and were prepared to kill Batman. Eventually, the Militia was given over $3,000,000,000 by Scarecrow and his fellow super-criminals, and were given advanced technology, brand new weapons, optic camouflage suits, new armor and gear, and even various unmanned tank drones, APCs, and aerial drones, and the militia Militia became allies with Scarecrow's Army.

Arkham Knight

On the day of Halloween, Scarecrow unleashes a new fear toxin on a Gotham Diner and threatens to unleash it upon all of Gotham. This results in the entire civilian population being evacuated and the Militia to invade and occupy the entire city. The Militia soon assert their dominance by setting up checkpoints, patrols, watchtowers, and send out their drones to scour the city and kill Batman. Eventually, Batman comes face-to-face with the Militia and is able to overcome and devastate them despite their intense training. Militia forces are sent everywhere and eventually, Batman fights the Arkham Knight and is able to beat him. This results in Jason Todd going off the grid, and Scarecrow soon places Deathstroke to be the commander of the Militia, and he takes the position. Eventually however, Batman is able to beat the Militia and has all of the villains and Militia commanders, lieutenants, and remaining soldiers thrown in jail, leaving the organization dissolved at the end.

Post-Arkham Knight

At the end of the game, the Militia has been fully dissolved as all of the surviving soldiers have been arrested. It is unknown whether or not any other Militia members were able to escape Batman.

Those of American citizenship could well be charged with treason and others with terrorist activities. Also, given the animosity overheard by Batman from Gotham's more standard criminals, their stay in Gotham's jails was likely to be a very unpleasant one on many levels.

Organization Structure


  • Scarecrow - Benefactor and temporary commander. (formerly)
  • Arkham Knight - Founder and original commander. (formerly)
  • Deathstroke - Campaign advisor, second-in-command, and new commander.


  • Militia Commander - Sergeant and high-ranking non-commissioned commanding officer who remotely controls all of the Militia's unmanned tank drones, stationary drones, and aerial drones from an undisclosed location.
  • APC Lieutenants - Senior lieutenants, APC drivers/HVPs, and high-ranking field commanders.
  • Militia Leader #1 - High-ranking commanding officer who was stationed at the Ace Chemicals Processing Plant on Bleake Island. (deceased)
  • Militia Leader #2 - High-ranking commanding officer who was put in charge of the campaign against Mr. Freeze after the latter's refusal to join Scarecrow.
  • Militia Leader #3 - High-ranking commanding officer who wore the only prototype of the explosive vest during a briefing at the Killinger Department Store in Drescher, Founder's Island.
  • Personnel ranks:
    • Militia Soldiers - Foot soldiers, and although they behave like any other henchmen, they communicate through radio, allowing them to respond faster to Batman's movements and actions in areas occupied by armed Militia soldiers.
    • Field Medics - Medical non-combative soldiers who revive and help wounded and/or unconscious Militia soldiers. They occasionally use their defibrillators to charge Militia soldiers' combat suits to carry electrical charges that render the soldiers invulnerable to Batman's attacks in melee combat.
    • Combat Specialists - Ninja-like soldiers armed with swords and trained in advanced melee combat, and are capable of dodging Batman's attacks and attacking more quickly despite behaving identically to the League of Assassins Ninjas.
    • Brute Weapon Experts - Large, brutish, heavily armored, and stronger soldiers who occasionally use arm-mounted melee weapons, such as retractable blades, shields, and electromagnetic-gloves.
    • Mini-Gunners - Brutes equipped with mini-guns assigned to patrol areas populated by armed soldiers.
    • Checkpoint Commanders - Soldiers wearing beige armor placed in charge of the Militia's Checkpoints that are embedded all around Gotham, and operating them with remote controllers.
    • Explosive Experts - Soldiers equipped with landmines and sticky mines throughout patrolling areas inhabited by other soldiers used to prevent Batman from taking down anymore soldiers if he keeps on incapacitating them from behind stealthily while on the ground or grabbing them from above on vantage points before leaving them dangling too many times.
    • Boa Sentry Drone Controllers - Stationary soldiers who remotely pilot Boa Sentry Drones with remote controllers to patrol certain areas occupied by Militia soldiers equipped with firearms.
    • Detective Mode Trackers - Vigilant soldiers equipped with handheld devices that can pinpoint Batman's location by tracing, tracking, and identifying the signal his Detective Mode systems emits if used for too long while they are assigned to areas patrolled by firearm-equipped soldiers.
    • Detective Mode Jammers - Soldiers equipped with communications disruption backpacks capable of jamming Batman's Detective Mode vision when used while in assigned areas for armed soldiers.
    • Optic-Camouflage Soldiers - Stealth specialist soldiers wearing optic-deflection armor suits to render themselves invisible to Batman's Detective Mode sensors while patrolling areas alongside soldiers carrying firearms.
    • Suicide Bombers - Soldiers wearing explosive vests that detonate when they are rendered unconscious by Batman, although only one is encountered.


  • Assault rifles and other various firearms
  • Grenades and other various explosives
  • Swords and other various melee weapons
  • Defibrillators
  • Optic-camouflage suits
  • Detective Mode jamming backpacks
  • Detective Mode tracking devices
  • Explosive vests
  • Automated sentry guns
  • Satellite radar dishes
  • Ground-burrowed bombs
  • Arkham Knight's assault helicopter
  • Cloudburst tank
  • Arkham Knight's mining excavator
  • Deathstroke's tank
  • Unmanned tank drones
  • Stationary drones
  • APCs
  • Armored humvees
  • Armored transport helicopters
  • Aerial drones

Bases of Operations

  • Venezuela - Founding base and training facility. (formerly)
  • Gotham City - New de-facto headquarters.
    • Arkham Island - The official tactical and strategic planning grounds for the Militia before their plans are set in motion, as well as the origins of Scarecrow's big screen TV broadcasts to all of Central Gotham.
      • The Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane - Scarecrow's personal sanctuary, where the meeting between the latter, the Arkham Knight, Harley Quinn, Penguin, Two-Face, Riddler, and Poison Ivy took place, as well as the Militia's plans for Gotham being formulated.
    • Central Gotham - The interconnection of three islands in the center of Gotham; Bleake Island, Miagani Island, and Founder's Island, that would serve as the starting point of the Militia's citywide invasion and occupation of Gotham, which also would have expanded beyond the interconnected island landmark itself and all across the entire city up until its limits (and presumably up until the whole world and beyond as well) once the Batman and all of his allies will have been finally killed.
      • Checkpoints - Street military fortifications fortified all around the landmark.
      • Watchtowers - Rooftop observation points placed all over the landmark.
      • Bleake Island - The preparation staging grounds for the Militia's takeover and domination of Gotham.
        • Ace Chemicals Processing Plant - Chemical factory complex on a small island that acts as the official staging grounds for the Militia's forceful conquest of the entire city, as well as the manufacturing point for Scarecrow's new Fear Toxin, which the latter tried to converge into a massive gas bomb that would be powerful enough to cover up the entire Eastern Seaboard of America in Fear Gas. (destroyed)
        • Scarecrow's penthouse in Chinatown - Laboratory hideout on a building rooftop where the new Fear Toxin is tested.
        • Radiowave frequency antenna above the Falcone Shipping Yard - Frequency antenna tower on the rooftop of the biggest building in the shipyard where a squad of Militia soldiers were stationed after being sent by Scarecrow to guard it so that Batman doesn't try and successfully find out that Ace Chemicals is where Crane is creating his Fear Gas bomb.
        • Unidentified small port - Minuscule dock near Chinatown that acts as a hiding point for a group of Militia soldiers that took Mr. Freeze' wife Nora hostage, and was where the latter was originally being kept before they found a tracker planted on her by Freeze before her abduction.
        • Four checkpoints - Ground military installations set up around the island.
        • Four watchtowers - Roof security bases embedded everywhere in the island.
      • Miagani Island - The standard patrolling and stationary garrison grounds for the Militia.
        • Underground tunnels - Underground base beneath Grand Avenue where unmanned tank drones, APCs, and armored humvees are built and/or repaired, as well as the former origins of the Arkham Knight's channelwide broadcast transmissions within the Militia communications network.
        • Grand Avenue Station - Subway station tower at Grand Avenue in which the Militia's access point for hardwiring into the city transport network is embedded.
        • Eight checkpoints - Ground military security points embedded across the island.
        • Eight watchtowers - Rooftop surveillance installations set up throughout the island.
      • Founder's Island - The main stronghold grounds for the Militia that is extremely well-defended.
        • Killinger Department Store in Drescher - Abandoned under-construction shopping mall that serves as the Arkham Knight's personal headquarters, as well as the Militia's command center and premier headquarters.
        • Stagg Enterprises Airships - Two research laboratory blimps above the island's west river owned by the company CEO Simon Stagg that were forcibly taken over after the latter double-crossed Scarecrow so that the Militia could finish his assigned project Codename: Cloudburst.
        • Two unidentified buildings in Ryker Heights - Two separate buildings that each house two satellite radar dishes on their respective rooftops that can detect the Batmobile or Batwing if Batman uses either vehicle to enter the Island.
        • Unidentified ruins building in Otisburg - Abandoned building rooftop ruins that acts as a rendezvous point for a contingent of militia soldiers that are holding Nora Fries prisoner after being transported there from the small port on Bleake Island due to her hidden tracker.
        • Large under-construction building in Ryker Heights - Large building still under-construction that house's the Militia's long-range missile launcher (a Python Drone) that can take out the Batmobile or Batwing by surprise with help from the two radar towers if Batman uses either vehicle to come into the island.
        • Port Adams - Container yard that acts as a manufacturing point for unmanned tank drones, stationary drones, and aerial drones.
        • Under-construction subway system - Underground facility that is accessible and can also be exited via the elevator at the center of Port Adams.
        • Eight checkpoints - Street military bases housed throughout the island.
        • Nine watchtowers - Roof lookout facilities planted across the island.



  • During the main story of Arkham Knight, one of the APC lieutenants nearly got his head crushed by the Batmobile's tires. It's possible that this is one of the factors that lead to the game receiving an M-rating, due to Batman outright torturing the man to gather Intel on the Arkham Knight.


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