The Arkosaurus is the final boss and main antagonist of the Combat of Giants game Combat of Giants: Dinosaur Strike for the Nintendo Wii, and later reappeared in Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D for the Nintendo 3DS with the same role. He is the first Mutated Tyrannosaurid and is the leader of the Mutated Dinosaurs.


The Arkosaurus resembles a Tyrannosaurid, but has a spiky club at the end of his tail, and two large sabres protruding from the lower jaw. His eyes are green in color and his skin is blue and red. He also has spikes protruding from the tip of his lower jaw, the top of his head and his legs are covered with bony armor.



The Arkosaurus was a dinosaur that had great and overwhelming power that threatened the existence of the dinosaur species. But thanks to the efforts of four dinosaur Chiefs, Arkosaurus was locked away in a mountain. However, he was released from his mountain prison and at the peak of his power when chaos struck the earth, after the four dinosaur chiefs disappeared.

Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs Strike

The Arkosaurus appears only as a fightable CPU Creature in Domination Mode, and appears only if the player plays through Domination as a Heavyweight predator, such as T-Rex or Allosaurus.

Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D

Arkosaurus has summoned the five other Mutated dinosaurs, including the new mutated carnivore Albertosaurus, to take over the planet. In response to this terror, four Champions must be trained to defeat him four-against-one. Just like in Dinosaurs Strike, he is the most powerful mutant, taking merely two hits to defeat said champions. 


  • He somewhat shares similarities with the Indominus rex from Jurassic World: They team up with other dinosaurs for different goals (Arkosaurus teaming up with the other Mutated Dinosaurs to take over the planet, Indominus temporarily teaming up with Owen's Velociraptor pack to kill the humans) and battle a team of dinosaurs and are defeated by them (Arkosaurus/The dinosaur Chiefs, Indominus/T.Rex and Blue). They are also both hybrids.
  • He is the most difficult boss in 3D, as only two hits from him defeats the player's dinosaur, making him quite the appropriate leader of the Mutated Dinosaurs.
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