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Arlington Steward
Arlington Steward
is the main antagonist of the 2009 psychological thriller film, The Box.


Arlington Steward appears to be a middle-aged facially disfigured man. He is portrayed as a calm emotionless man. According to NASA Steward was previously killed in a lightning strike but was later revived mysteriously with his body regenerating at beyond normal speed and his cell degeneration halted.

His goal is to offer couples under 40 with a single child one million dollars in exchange of someone's life that the couple don't personally know. The deal is sealed with the pressing of the red button of The Box. There is however a catch to the offer. 

Steward only takes orders from "those who control the lightning" with his deal makings as part of an experiment to see if the majority of the human race would be willing to put other's life over personal gain. If the results show that majority of those who took part the experiment pushed the button the human race will be exterminated.

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