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Are you the best Candela and her little friends could find?
~ Arlo taunting the player.
Candela. After all this time, you still haven't changed. Tsk. Remember, fire is a fickle thing. When controlled, it provides warmth, but in the wrong hands, it burns. You will regret the day you took what was rightfully mine.
~ Arlo's message to Team Valor's leader, Candela.

Arlo is one of the three secondary antagonists in Pokémon GO. He is one of Team GO Rocket's leaders alongside with Sierra and Cliff.


Arlo is a Team Go Rocket leader and a former member of Team Valor. After he mysteriously left the team, he contributed to Team GO Rocket's Shadow Program.

Candela Battle

While Candela was doing some research with Professor Willow, she spotted Arlo from a distance. He was surrounded by many shadow Pokémon. Candela and Willow retreated, considering the other past encounters with the other two leaders that Spark and Blanche had. Arlo later sent her a message, which prompted them to meet and battle. Arlo used a Shadow Scizor and Candela used a Rapidash. During their battle, Candela remembered having them train together, him using his Scyther and her using her Ponyta. Arlo left after being defeated by Candela.


Arlo appears to have black/red/yellow clothing, red eyes, black and red hair, goggles, white gloves, a jacket with Team Rocket's logo on it, and boots. 


Arlo is an aristocrat. He is sly and manipulative. His main personality trait is vengefulness, having that be the motive for his confrontation with Candela. He is very poetic, when reciting to Candela that she owes him what is rightfully his.






  • Arlo can only be summoned by a Rocket Radar.
  • His signature Pokémon is a Shadow Scizor.
  • After losing, he calls his Pokémon weak and abandons them.
  • What Candela took from him is unspecified. Although it's speculated that what she took was the leader position of Team Valor.


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