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Arlo Sabian is the main antagonist of The First Purge, and the overall main antagonist of the entire Purge franchise, as his actions had made the Purge an annual tradition across the United States of America.

He was portrayed by Patch Darragh.


He is the Chief of Staff of the New Founding Fathers of America, after turmoil in the government in the 21st century has led to their uprising.

Contrary to Dr. May Updale, who had conceived the idea, Sabian hopes that the experimental Purge in Staten Island would become a success, so to incite more Purges in the following years.

Through corrupt means, Sabian rigs the statistics of the Purge by sending in military groups and extremists to incite mass chaos. In order to cover up his tracks, he has Updale executed.

At the end of the Purge, the militant intervention has affected the Purge statistics well enough for the NFFA to make the event a nationwide annual tradition.


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