Arlon is a minor villain in the video game; Kid Icarus: Uprsing. He's one of Viridi's minions, and a member of the Forces of Nature.


Arlon is a member of the Forces of Nature, under the command of Viridi. Viridi commanded Arlon to protect the Luna Sanctum from the anyone from entering the Sanctum and releasing the Chaos Kin. Pit processed to the Luna Sanctum without any knowledge of the Chaos Kin.  Eventually, Pit reached the location where Arlon is and processed to fight Arlon.

Arlon himself has the ability to obscure Pit's view by darkening his surroundings and shoot at him while in dim lighting. Pit must attack in the direction of Arlon's shots in order to defeat him or wait until the darkness is lifted. Eventually, Pit managed to defeat Arlon, along with destroying the Luna Sanctum.


  • If one thinks about, it's Arlon's fault for the release of the Chaos Kin and for Skyworld to attack Earth. During the level of the Lunar Sanctum, when Pit and Palutena found out that the Sanctum is actually a prison, they asked Arlon what he's guarding, but for whatever reason, Arlon refused to tell them that he was guarding the Chaos Kin.
  • It's a possibility that Arlon could be either a cyborg or an android, due to his strange design and glowing red eye, which is seen right before the boss battle.
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