Arlon the Serene (or better known as Arlon) is a minor antagonist and a boss in Kid Icarus: Uprising. He commands the Lunar Sanctum, a base that looks similar to the moon, operating it by himself alone. It is fueled his powers.

He was voiced by Yasuhiko Tokuyama in the Japanese version, and by Troy Baker in the English version, who also voices Pyrrhon later on in the game.


Arlon is one of Viridi's commanders in the Forces of Nature, commanding the entire Lunar Sanctum by himself, operating it with his powers. He is a very calm and respectful person, speaking in a tone similar to a butler's tone, hence why he is called "Arlon the Serene". He respects Palutena and was glad to make her acquaintance, as well as Pit's, aware of how the angel has been capable of destroying the Reset Bomb Depot, and how he wants to defeat Viridi for her desire to wipe out humanity.

He serves to aid the Goddess of Nature in whatever she asks him to, such as when she asks him to stop Pit from destroying the Lunar Sanctum, which would set the Chaos Kin free from its bindings and allow it to wreak havoc all over, though Pit was unaware of the reasoning as to why Arlon tried so desperately to keep him out.

After Pit finally reaches the room where he must fight Arlon. Upon defeating Arlon, the Lunar Sanctum starts collapsing, Palutena pulls him out and notices something break free from the inside of it, though Pit believes it to be nothing, however, Palutena doesn't think that's true.

Powers and Abilities

Arlon appears to be an immensely powerful individual, having the power to energize the entire Lunar Sanctum all alone. He is also capable of harnessing lunar energy to attack his opponents. He can also create fog to render them blind to finding where he is.



  • If one were to think, it was truly Arlon's fault for not explaining that the Chaos Kin was being contained aboard the Lunar Sanctum, causing its release.
    • It could also be considered Viridi's fault for not telling Arlon to explain why the Lunar Sanctum was built in the first place.
  • Arlon seems to be very good at persuading others to help the Forces of Nature, such as when he asked if Dark Pit could help him defeat Pit.
  • Even though he is a minor antagonist in the game, he can be considered a very important character for commanding the Lunar Sanctum which contained the Chaos Kin.



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