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Arm Head is a recurring antagonist in Paradise P.D.. He is a Paradise Nuking Survivor, who, thanks to the Nuking of Paradise, has been reduced to nothing but a disembodied head with a mutated hand growing off of it, hence his nickname. Because of his disability, he needs to be carried around by another mutant at all times for transportation. Arm Head holds a burning revulsion against Gerald Fitzgerald due to his mental instability causing his current state and seeks revenge on him.

He is voiced by Dana Snyder.


In "Blind Drunk", Arm Head made his first appearance, where he provided beatboxing musical accompaniment for Agent Clappers, shortly after the latter's introduction to the team of Paradise Nuking Survivors. Arm Head beatboxed, while Clappers rapped about his revenge plots on Gerald Fitzgerald. Clovis grew quickly annoyed with the song and shut them both up. Arm Head was rather offended as beatboxing was the only thing he was actually good at. Arm Head then proceeded to flip Clovis the bird. Later, Arm Head joined the mutants in breaking into Fitz's apartment, stealing all of his belongings, and replacing them with bigger versions of themselves, to mess with his head. However, Fitz didn't even seem to notice the difference and just lived his life as though none of his furniture or possessions were different. When Fitz took out a condom that was twice his size in preparation for his date with the Dolphin Queen, Agent Clappers hollered, begging to know how he didn't notice his pullulating protection. However, Arm Head brought it to his attention that he had forgotten to replace his contraceptives, meaning that Fitz's BBC is normally bigger than the rest of his body and punctuated his remark with a beatbox for comedic effect. After expanding Fitz's apartment failed to faze him, Arm Head and the rest of the mutants broke in again and replaced everything with smaller versions of itself, again, to no avail. Finally, they gave up and set everything back to normal, only for Fitz to be driven to complete and total madness that night over how everything around him was too medium-sized.

In "Fetal Attractio", Arm Head worked with the mutants on another plan to get revenge on Fitz. This time, they set up some robot arms in a motel apartment, which were supposed to capture Fitz when he came into the room. After he and the other mutants worked all day on installing the machine in the room, Arm Head explained to Clappers how the robot arms were supposed to work, only for Clappers to completely ignore him, watching some funny Mike Tyson videos from Fitz. Arm Head questioned Clappers' methods, saying that he seemed to be getting too attached to Fitz, when he was only supposed to be pretending to like him. Agent Clappers was offended he would be so unfaithful to his leader and slapped him right out of his supporter's hand and knocked him to the ground.

Although he was not seen on screen in "PARAD-ISIS", it can be assumed that Arm Head was among the mutants, when they trapped Fitz and Bullet in The Mutifier, when they tried to mutate him. When Fitz reversed the effects of The Mutifier, he ended up de-mutating everyone on the outside, reverting all of the mutants (and supposedly Arm Head) back to their normal human selves. Out of gratefulness for Fitz's kindness, they all decided to forgive him for what he did, bury the hatchet, and go back to their regular lives again.


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