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[[Category:Affably Evil]]
[[Category:Affably Evil]]
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[[Category:Lawful Evil]]

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I've watched your progress and I'm glad that I shall be the one to put an end to your petty crusade. I believe you have heard of me. I am Arma. I will be your executioner!
~ Arma

Arma is a high ranking demon in Phalanx's army in the game Demon's Crest. He acts as Phalanx's chief enforcer and reconnaissance officer. Arma is an honorable warrior, despite the evil tasks he is given. He respects Firebrand, the story's protagonist, and will yeild artifacts to his foe when bested in battle. Arma fights Firebrand three seperate times over the course of the game. He attacks using both physically and through the use of demon magic. In the end, Arma redeems himself before dying, by giving Firebrand the crest of time, and sealing himself inside to lend his own power and assist in the final battle against the despotic Phalanx.


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