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Villain?! I am Armagedroid! My purpose is noble! My mission is pure! I will not rest until I have rid this planet of weaponry! I am the peacemaker! Now, perish!
~ Armagedroid

Armagedroid is a recurring antagonist in Nickelodeon TV show My Life as a Teenage Robot. Armagedroid is a one hundred foot-tall android created by Dr. Nora Wakeman (also the creator of XJ-9/Jenny.). He first appeared in the episode of the same name.

He was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, who also played Joker in The Batman, Lobo and Tartarus.


First Intergalactic War

His original purpose was to destroy all alien weaponry during "The First Intergalactic War", but eventually became mad with power and destroyed ANY weapon that crossed his path. He is one of Jenny's few enemies that not only she couldn't defeat alone, but almost killed her twice in the process. After Armagedroid, Nora stated that she started the XJ series to replace him.


Armagedroid returns from his lava trap and attacks Tremorton. He starts taking Jenny's weapons. Eventually he was defeated due to taking in a powerful enough explosive to destroy his body and launch his head into space due to Nora and Jenny's quick thinking.

Second Return

Armagedroid was later revived by Killgore. Later, Jenny and Killgore are inside his rebuilt body as he continues to quest to destroy all weapons. Eventually, Armagedroid is defeated as he is reminded technically he is a weapon himself and his body is full of weapons. Realizing this, he starts to tear his body apart and activated his own self destruct function to destroy himself and all his weapons.


I walk the path of justice. Wall to anyone who stands in my way!
~ Armagedroid
You foolishly reveal yourself as a weapon? You must be destroyed!
~ Armagedroid
You have no reason to mourn. Your destruction makes this world a safer place.
~ Armagedroid
Frolicking humans, relinquish your weapons!
~ Armagedroid about humans
Spork neutralized.
~ Armagedroid
Your efforts are fruitless. Nothing will stop my noble mission!
~ Armagedroid to Jenny/XJ9
Your interference can no longer be abided. This ends NOW!
~ Armagedroid to Jenny
So be it
~ Armagedroid
What reason have you to smile?
~ Armagedroid to Jenny moments before she defeats him
I will liberate the Earth, even if I must destroy it to do so!
~ Armagedroid to Jenny
Who is inside Armagedroid's head!? Get OUT!
~ Armagedroid
Somehow, you have survived my furnace, weapon girl, but you will not survive much longer!
~ Armagedroid threatening Jenny
Armagedroid cannot stop!
~ Armagedroid
I must destroy all WEAPONS!
~ Armagedroid
WEAPON! Must destroy!
~ Armagedroid
~ Armagedroid
Initiating self-destruct!
~ Armagedroid's last words



  • Armagedroid can be viewed as the older sibling of Jenny and her sisters given that he was created by Nora Wakeman.
  • According to the writers, Armagedroid's design was inspired by the robot from the 1939 film The Phantom Creeps.
  • Armagedroid is named after Armageddon, the final apocalyptic battle between good and evil said to occur before the Judgement.
  • Although he is considered an antagonist, he is not truly a villain, as Jenny points out that Armagedroid is simply following his original programming and directives and has no choice in what weapons not to destroy. But he was shown to be willing to harm innocent people (including a baby) and stated that he is willing to destroy the Earth if it means liberating it of weapons so he is a villain.
  • Armagedroid makes a cameo in Nickelodeon All Star Brawl.


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