Armand Bouchart

Armand Bouchart

The world is more complicated than most dare admit. And if you, assassin, if knew more than how to murder, you might understand this...
~ Armand's dying words, to Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, in 1193.

Armand Bouchart is the main antagonist of Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines. He was a nobleman of Cyprus, who became the Grand Master of the Templar Order after the death of Robert de Sable.

He was voiced by Gavin Hammon.


Armand bought the island Cyprus from Richard the Lionheart after he had captured it from Isaac Comnenus. Upon arriving in Cyprus, Armand established his own rule alongside his fellow Templars and lieutenants: Moloch, Shalim, Shahar and Frederick the Red. Together, they sought to locate and evacuate all the artifacts hidden within the sacred Templar Archive.

Upon the death of Frederick, Armand Bouchart made an announcement, threatening to tighten the security on the island. He also murdered Osman in the middle of his speech, sending a signal to the Cypriot Resistance. Maria Thorpe then pleaded with Armand for her safety, though Armand accused her of conspiring against their Order, and she was taken away. Bouchart then left for Kyrenia, where he would meet with more of his allies.

As Altaïr infiltrated Buffavento Castle, he overheard Armand and Shalim discussing their plan to send a bag to Alexander of Limassol, prompting the Assassin to suspect Alexander of treachery.

Not long after that, Altaïr started conferring with several pirates to find out Bouchart's whereabouts, planning to assassinate the Grand Master.

By the time Armand had already completed his plans and evacuated all of the Archive's artifacts, Altaïr caught up to him and the two dueled, resulting finally in Armand's death.


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