Keep it moving, detective.
~ Armando to Marcus

Armando Aretas is the secondary antagonist in Bad Boys for Life. He is the son of Isabel Aretas and Mike Lowrey.

He is portrayed by Jacob Scipio.


Armando Armas is working for his mother Isabel Aretas, who is a drug kingpin and killer, as her right hand man.  Armando Armas is covering his tracks where everybody thinks he is the drug kingpin, but he just a pawn and working for her.  Aretas is the toughest drug lord in Miami and the Miami P.D. or anyone can't stop her.  She is too powerful.  Luckily Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are the top Miami P.D. detectives who took down the toughest drug lords in Miami and the reason why they are the best because they go outside the law to catch them. Mike and Marcus caught one of the assassins and direct him to Armando. Both of them are unaware that he is working for Aretas who is mastermind behind the drug cartel.  Mike recognizes Armando but he never met him or even speakof untill they found Eachother. who Mike had a relationship a long time ago before they broke up.  Armando was put through adoption and was a foster kid.  He went into a crime since he never met his birth parents and worked with Aretas.  Aretas ordered her men to kill Burnett and Lowrey.  It was a huge car chase and both of them were killed.  Mike took down his son, which he was reluctant to do.  Mike wished he could save him, but it was too late and practically disown him before Rita kills Isabel who shot Armando inserted.

In the end, a now-retired Mike visits his son in jail and reconnected with him as his father by informing him that his prison sentence has been reduced.


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