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Armando Barillo is the main villain of 2003 action film Once Upon A Time in Mexico. He is a drug lord is responsible for the death

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of Jorge Ramírez's partner Archuleta years back. Barillo was a cruel and evil man who was obsessed with plastic surgery ever since his face was disfigured by a rival gang. With the help of his daughter Ajedrez Barillo, a crooked AFN operative. Barillo had two allies General Emiliano Marquez who is responsible death of El Mariachi's family, and Billy Chambers, a American fugitive.

After Marquez and his army attacked the presidential palace, Barillo was confronted by Ramírez, who was released from captivity by Chambers. Once Barillo killed Chambers, he was killed by Ramírez and El Mariachi, thus ending the coup which saved Mexico.

He was played by Willem Dafoe.