Armon Gill, also known as the Chief Judge's Man is a recurring villain in the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd.


Armon Gill was a genetically enhanced ex-military assassin with leopard and cockroach DNA which grants him increased endurance and agility. He then started to assassinate political activists who criticized the Justice Department, Armon believed that he was working under the orders of Chief Judge Hershey, but it was actually a rogue Judge named Michael "Iron Mike" DeKlerk. After Armon was captured by Judge Dredd after Dredd thought he was going to assassinate some aliens he was escorting, Armon infiltrated Correction Facility 17 where he killed an prisoner named Bubba O'Kelly who was blackmailing DeKlerk. When his promised rescue never arrived, he became extremely angry and bitter. He managed to escape from the Facility and fled to Texas City where he killed a Texas Ranger and takes on his identity.

When Armon returned to Mega-City One, he attempted to contact the Chief Judge on a public telephone until DeKlerk attempted to assassinate him. After surviving an assassination attempt, he attempted to assassinate the Chief Judge by sneaking in the Northwest Hab Zone Tunnel Project where he managed to board "Jaws" (a massive driller vehicle). Dredd tried to stop him but it seemed that Chief Judge Hershey had been killed in the fight when in reality it was just a robot decoy. Gill, fatally wounded was shot down by the Judges. DeKlerk committed suicide after writing a confession on his involvement

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