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Armored Captain Gatezone is an officer of the Crisis Empire serving as one of General Jark's three commanders and a major antagonist in the Kamen Rider series Kamen Rider Black RX. He is the one in charge of the Robot unit.

He was voiced by Toshimichi Takahashi.


Gatezone was one of the commanders in the Crisis Empire force sent to invade Earth.

Gatezone would meet his end after detaching his head from his body and attempting a suicide bomb on Black RX. The suicide bomb failed, and Gatezone's head was destroyed after Black RX deflected Gatezone's own laser beams back at it.

Powers and Abilities

Gatezone wields a double-barreled laser blaster and rides a motorcycle nameed Storm Dagger. He is also capable of separating his own head from his body, allowing it to move on its own without his head.


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