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Armored Gorilla is a villain from One Punch Man. He is a combative cyborg created by the House of Evolution. According to himself, he is the third strongest member of the group. He is sent to capture Saitama so that Dr. Genus could use him on his experiments.


Initially, Armored Gorilla started off as a stereotypical cyborg, with a programmed mind and spoke in a robotic tone. However, after his defeat, it was revealed to be an act, just to sound cool.

By the time of his return, he's been reformed into a citizen of the public and has now become a calm, peaceful being.


Armored Gorilla confronts Genos, while Beast King and Ground Dragon confront Saitama. He ends defeated by Genos, who threatens to finish him off if he don't answer his questions, but he boasts that Genos wouldn't be a match for the Beast King, who was the 2nd strongest member of the House. As Saitama shows him that Beast King was dead already, Armored Gorilla apologizes and begs for mercy, even dropping his robotic voice, which he only used because it sounded cool. He tells Genos and Saitama about the House of Evolution and directs them after their headquarters, but he also alerts Dr. Genus of their approach.

Around the time of the Alien Conquerors Arc, he and Dr. Genus have been reformed, and have adapted to the new society. Armored Gorilla works as an assistant of Genus' new restaurant.

In the Monster Association Arc, he encounters a fellow gorilla monster named Marshall Gorilla. The latter is disgusted by his reformation and attempts stab him with a knife, but gets knocked out by a single punch from Armored Gorilla. He then continues his walk, unaware of Zombieman's presence following him.

Powers and Abilities

  • Cyborg Enhancement: Armored Gorilla's body is composed of cybernetics, providing him durable armor and augmented strength.
    • Super Strength: Combined with his primitive strength and cybernetics, Armored Gorilla can land blows that are powerful enough to punch through solid concrete with ease. His strength rivals with Genos' and a single punch was enough to knock out Marshall Gorilla.
    • Enhanced Durability: Armored Gorilla's body is extremely durable. He was able to tank a single blast from Genos and Marshall Gorilla's knife shattered to pieces when he attempted to stab him.
  • Remote Transmitter: Aside from his powers, Armored Gorilla contains a little satellite inside his head to contact the House of Evolution.


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