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Army Dillo is a minor antagonist in Donkey Kong 64. He is fought by Donkey Kong in both Jungle Japes and Crystal Caves, the first and sixth levels of the game.


Army Dillo is an enormous Army with a large, heavily-armed iron shell. On the side of the shell are two retractable, oversized cannons that shoot fireballs.


Army Dillo was sent to fight Donkey Kong in Jungle Japes, and after taking three hits, he lost his cannons and retreated. Afterwards, he had to report his failure to King K. Rool, sheepishly admitting that he was too fast for him to hit, but that he would get him next time. In response, K. Rool simply spoke to him in a menacing tone about how much he hated failure and asked him if he knew what happens to those that fail him, which intimidated Army Dill so much that he fell over and fainted. However, he evidently still got a second chance since he appears much later to fight Donkey Kong again in the Crystal Caves. Before fighting him again, however, he is given new armor, which has been upgraded with a bigger cannon that can shoot falling fireballs, as well as rockets that can home in on his enemies. Once he loses the cannons again, Army Dillo utilizes these weapons against Donkey Kong. However, after taking a fourth hit, his armor and the rest of his weapons all exploded into smithereens, and he then subsequently shrunk and disappeared into thin air. He has not made any further appearances since then.

Powers and Abilities

  • Fireball: Army Dillo fires fireballs from his cannons that he always aims at Donkey Kong, switching cannons after each shot.
  • Rolling: Army Dillo retracts into his shell, and his massive form rolls around the stage trying to damage DK.
  • Shockwave: (Second battle only) While using his rolling attack, Army Dillo reveals twin rockets on the sides of his shell. He uses these to hover in place, and then slams down to create a green shockwave.
  • Fireball Rain: (Second battle only) After taking three hits, Army Dillo reveals his last cannon, mounted on his back. While hovering with his rockets, he fires multiple fireballs into the air that rain down on DK one at a time like meteorites.
  • Homing Missile: (Second battle only) After taking three hits, Army Dillo reveals his last cannon, mounted on his back. He uses it to launch a giant homing missile at DK.



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