Me, I don't have a code (of honour). If you think I'm going to risk your somehow getting out of here, you're crazy. This is an uncomplicated deal. I shoot you. You die. No face-off, no duel.
~ Arno Blunt to Butler

Arno Blunt is the secondary antagonist of Artemis Fowl: The Etenity Code. He serves as a hitman from New Zealand and a bodyguard to the main antagonist, Jon Spiro.


Blunt attended the business meeting between Artemis  and Spiro, serving as a bodyguard to Spiro. He tried, without success to intimidate Butler. Spiro had planned ahead and planted several hitmen in the restaurant. Spiro stole the C Cube and told Blunt to kill Artemis and Butler. Butler quickly unleashed a sound grenade. Blunt's teeth were shattered, but he was not defeated. He tried to shoot Artemis, but Butler took the bullet.

Blunt's teeth were shattered, which caused him to be mocked by Spiro. Spiro was furious tha Artemis survived, and sent other hitmen after him. Artemis pretended to be captured, and Blunt, who got new teeth, took charge of the "captive". Artemis managed to break into the vault with the C Cube. Spiro had anticipated this, and  Blunt lost a bet with him.

Following this, Spiro, Blunt, and Artemis, along with Pex and Chips, broke into Phonetix using the C Cube. However, this was a trap orcestrated by Artemis. The police came to arrest Spiro but Blunt escaped. Blunt was later arrested by the police. Bulter, using fairy Cam Foil, pretended to be a ghost and scared Blunt, warning him that if he didn't confess, Butler would drag him to hell. Blunt confessed all of his crimes to the police.


Blunt has bleach blond hair, a cut off T-shirt, and pirate earrings. He has many tattoos. He later gets fake teeth, including a set that has blue oil and water.


  • Butler, being so skilled and strong, can usually only be defeated by fairy magic. Blunt is the only human to defeat him.


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