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Detective Arnold Flass is the corrupt head of the Narcotics unit and a recurring antagonist in the first season of Gotham, particularly the episode "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon" where he serves as the main antagonist.

Several years earlier, he began to take over the drug trade in Gotham, having his men bust dealers, then selling the stuff himself. With the backing of Commissioner Loeb, he felt unstoppable. He was also the abusive boyfriend of Kristen Kringle, the GCPD archive secretary.

He was portrayed by Dash Mihok.


When one of his dealers was unable to meet the quota, he had him brutally killed to set an example. Upon Gordon and Bullock arriving, he was quick to cover it up as simply a deal gone bad. However a witness turned up, as such Flass had him murdered inside GCPD headquarters, and had the corrupt forensic investigator rule it a suicide.

Learning of Flass's actions, Gordon tried to bust one of his followers for possession of illegal drugs, but Flass quickly had a cover story created and freed him. Later Gordon tried again to bust Flass's followers, at there supply hut, only to discover they legally had the right to take the contents, as signed by a corrupt judge.

Getting desperate, Gordon resorted to going to Oswald Cobblepot for help, who agreed to find evidence on Flass in exchange for Gordon owing him a favor. Using this he publicly confronted Flass, and managed to arrest him by convincing the other cops that Flass was a murderer.

However Loeb later simply had the charges dropped and reinstated Flass. Then he began publicly backing him for the position as head of the Policeman's union. Gordon however managed to blackmail Loeb over his own daughter's ill mental health, to have Flass properly put away.


Season 1

  • "What The Little Bird Told Him"
  • "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon"
  • "Everyone Has a Cobblepot"


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