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"Of course you do. Don't be silly we have our future to discuss. I'll be at the lake in the park at 5:30, I shall expect you to be there Emily!".
~ Arnold's last words to Emily as he tries to control her again, but fails in the end.

Arnold Swain was a fictional character and supporting antagonist of the British soap opera Coronation Street. He served as a major antagonist in 1990 and 1991.

He was portrayed by George Waring.


Arnold Swann grew up to be a not entirely malicious but dishonest and callous man. He used his charms to deceive them into believing his false claims. In 1965 Arnold married a woman named Margaret. He left her after the honeymoon but told people she had left him. They technically remained married but Arnold later started telling people she was dead.


Arnold first came to Weatherfield in 1980. He soon met up with local resident Emily Bishop and they eventually got married. But then Arnold began to somewhat misuse Emily for his own purposes, to the point where he tried controlling her and keeping her all to himself. But that all changed when Emily discovered his bigamous past and the truth about his ulterior motives. Seeing how delusional he had become, Emily sought to leave him but Arnold demanded that she die with him.

Eventually, Emily got Arnold arrested by the police. Arnold was later released but taken to a mental institution due to his unstable behavior. He later demanded Emily to see him, but she ignored him up until December 1981 when she found out that Arnold had died. She overcome his funeral and was left with £2,000 in his will.


Arnold was a fanatical and delusional man who liked to blame others for his problems. He showed little regard for others and mostly only cared about helping himself. In his relationship with Emily he was controlling and abusive but in his own way his did genuinely love her.



  • He made a total of 42 appearances throughout his duration on the show.