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Arquette is the main antagonist of the Black Mirror episode "Men against Fire".

He is a military psychologist who supports the MASS system which at first seems to be a technology that increases soldiers military skills to protect the people from monstrous mutants called "Roaches", but there is a hidden and much darker purpose behind the entire operation.

He was portrayed by Michael Kelly, who also played Richard Detmer in Chronicle and Doug Stamper in House of Cards.


When the protagonist Stripe feels ill after killing a few monsters known as "Roaches", he is sent to a meeting with Arquette to make sure that his Mass (a chip in the brain that can make soldiers visualize things such as maps, calls, aiming view, data, etc.) is working.

When Stripe returns to his mission with a damaged Mass and notices that the Roaches they are sent to kill are just normal human beings that are just being visualized by the Masses as monstrous mutants, thus making the soldiers see monsters instead of humans.

When Stripe is arrested for helping the Roaches (whom he now knows are human beings), he is sent to Arquette again who reveals to Stripe that the true purpose of the MASS system is to exterminate people that are considered inferior and that they are only visualized as monsters by the Masses so that the soldiers won't hesitate in killing them.

When Stripe gets violent, Arquette controls his view with a remote and repeats the memory of when Stripe killed the Roaches, but this time he sees them in their true forms as humans. 

Realizing that all this time he killed innocent people, Stripe falls on the floor feeling sick and guilty, and Arquette offers him to the chance to either have his Mass reset with the last few days erased from his memory and to continue to massacre Roaches, or being sent to isolation with his memory of brutally killing the innocents being repeated in his head. Stripe had no choice and eventually agreed to go with option one.


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