Arro and Braccio are supporting antagonists from the anime Topo Gigio (Toppo Jījo - Yume Miru Toppo Jījo), a japanese animated series based on the Italian puppet show of the same name.


Arro and Braccio are the two very clumsy minions of Megalo, and they are two stray cats that frequent Catalina's slums; Arro is large, orange and striped, while Braccio is thin and light green. Arro, the most intelligent, is a great pander, always ready to try to ingratiate himself with Megalo with coaxing and flattery, discharging on others the faults of his failures; Braccio of account is visibly dumb, unable to keep to himself what he thinks, which unlike his companion leads him to constantly underline defeats or defects of his boss, receiving in return sonorous beatings every time. Despite their unreliability and laziness, Megalo is apparently very attached to them, to the point of stealing food at their own risk from Knopp's kitchen to avoid having to rummage through the garbage.

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