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Remorseful Knight Arslevan is the one behind the Deboth Army's resurgence in the year 2114 and the main antagonist of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Returns: 100 YEARS LATER. He is a knight of the Deboth Army created from Deboth's regret from being defeated who seeks to travel back in time to prevent Deboth from being destroyed.

He was portrayed by Showtaro Morikubo.


Arslevan was created from the regret Deboth had from being defeated. He later recovered the bodies of Hundred-Faced High Priest Chaos, Dogold and Aigaron and recreated the Deboth Army by placing new souls into their bodies, turning them into Thousand-Faced High Priest Gaos, Submission Knight Sneldo and Jealousy Knight Hoshigallon respectively. Arslevan also erased all memories of the Kyoryugers from the public's minds to make it difficult for a new team to be formed.

Initially appearing as another regular Debo Knight, Arslevan later betrays his subordinates and reveals himself as responsible for the foundation of the new Deboth Army, as well as the public's lack of knowledge about the Kyoryugers. He then opens a dimensional gate to the past and enters it after enlarging himself with Luckyuro's Quick Quick Joyuro watering can.

However, he is pursued into the past by Dai-kun. Arriving in January 2014, Arslevan encountered resistance from Kyoryu Silver and Purple. The Kyoryugers then expel him back to the future, where he is destroyed by the new Kyoryugers by summoning their predecessors and using the Twelve Zyuden Great Brave Finish.


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