Glory to Arstotzka.
~ The main arc words of Papers, Please.

Arstotzka is the primary antagonistic setting of the 2013 videogame Papers, Please. It is a brutal dictatorship which represses its people, but attracts many immigrants due to the economic opportunies. Dependent on player choice, Arstotzka may be the main protagonistic faction or the main antagonistic faction. 


Not much about Arstotzka's history prior to the events of the game are stated, but what is a central point is the Six Year War between Arstotzka and it's neighboring country, Kolechia. Around the peace treaty, the October labor lottery is pulled, and the protagonist's name is chosen for the position of the border document inspector. Due to the border opening, many immigrants attempt entry, while politically/ethnically motivated terrorists attempt to cause trouble and diplomacy is going awry. If the player chooses to remain on the side of Arstotzka, then Arstotzka and Kolechia will make a diplomatic agreement. If the player chooses to side with the rebel faction EZIC, then Arstotzka's corrupt government will be overthrown.

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