Art Appraiser

The Art Appraiser

The Art Appraiser is the main antagonist of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Out of the Picture". He is a cruel, sadistic, and insane fish who goes to different buildings and restaurants to observe and collect art.

He was voiced by Bill Fagerbakke.


The art appraiser first appeared in the Krusty Krab. He told Mr. Krabs that Squidward's art is worth nothing. After seeing Squidward get beat up, he decided that the art would be more valuable is the artist was "out of the picture". He then got Mr. Krabs to make at least three attempts to kill Squidward. Once he thought that the artist was gone, he called the art appraiser back. The art appraiser said that they might be worth something, until Squidward was revealed to be alive. After Squidward ran from Mr. Krabs, who was trying to kill him, he started destroying his paintings. The art appraiser liked the destruction and danger, Mr. Krabs decided to destroy the paintings too. After they destroyed the whole restaurant, the art appraiser revealed that he lied about giving Mr. Krabs money for the art. When Mr. Krabs tried to get him to come back, a piece of the ceiling fell on him and Squidward. The art appraiser then displayed their still alive bodies in the art museum.


The art appraiser is mean, sadistic, insane, greedy, cruel, and manipulative. He is an evil art collector who will do anything to get art in his museum, including killing artists. He also shows his insanity by displaying the bodies of Mr. Krabs and Squidward in the art museum.


  • He wears glasses, a tan hat, an orange scarf, and a green shirt.
  • Due to the way he dresses, talks, and has an interest in art, he can be seen as a criticism of modern "hipsters".


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