Art Galt is one of the deputies of the town of Hope in Washington. When Will Teasle arrests John Rambo, Galt has Rambo in his intensive care. Galt forced Rambo to put his hand on a paper or the deputy would break his hand off. Galt and his lackeys then "clean" Rambo and prepare to shave him dry. When Rambo experiences a horrible flashback of the Vietnam War where he was tortured, Rambo beats up Galt and the police officers in the station then runs off into the woods of Washington. The deputy decides to take his revenge by trying to kill Rambo with a sniper rifle from a helicopter. Teasle tries to warn his deputy that they need Rambo alive, but Galt doesn't listen. Rambo threw a rock at the helicopter causing it to lose control and fling Galt out of the helicopter to the gorge below. This became he's undoing.

thumb|300px|left|Galt's battle with Rambo and death.

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