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Artemis is one of Altair's mercenaries on the video game, Bomberman 64.

She is symbolized by the color red, though she is fought at Blue Resort. Her attacks include throwing three fireballs simultaneously (it appears to be the custom of Bomberman games to have a female boss who throws three projectiles at once), and planting bombs. It is only the explosions of the fireballs that can hurt Bomberman; he can run through them if necessary. Sometimes Artemis will walk into the bomb explosion.

Bomberman fought Artemis at Stage 2 of Blue Resort. He defeated her in battle, and she was destroyed in a blue explosion of energy.

If a player watches the true ending after beating Sirius, outtakes are shown in the credits involving the four minibosses. In Artemis's case, when her arena rises up from the water, when she is supposed to land on the pillar in the middle, she misses the pillar and falls to the ground face-down.

Gold Cards

  • Bounce a pumped bomb off her head
  • Catch her in a pumped bomb explosion
  • Bounce any bomb off her head while she is throwing fireballs
  • Defeat her without throwing her off the edge
  • Defeat her by target time


  • "Bye bye!" (throwing fireballs)
  • "You're mine!" (throwing fireballs)

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