The Arthropleura is the main antagonist of Episode 1.2 of Primeval. This Arthropleura had a personality disorder so it liked killing. its species is a peacefully race and are herbivores but this one loved killing other living things for no reason.



This Arthropleura is from prehistoric earth it is unknown what gave it a personality disorder that made like killing. The would kill anything it wanted to for sport it would not eat them because it is a herbivore.

Current Life

Anomaly Opened from the Carboniferous period to the present day where it came there with an infestation of Carboniferous Arachnids. The Arthropleura attacked the ARC team when they were investigating. Nick Cutter distracted the Arthropleura so the rest of the team could get out Cutter hide behind a door where the Arthropleura could not get threw. Stephen Hart went back to find Cutter at first Stephen was able to fight it of with fire but the Arthropleura over powered him and bite and poisoned him then left him for dead afterwords the Arthropleura burrowed away into a electrical bunker. Claudia Brown called for Conner temple for intonation about the Arthropleura where he told them everything and said this one must have a personality disorder that's why its so evil. Nick Cutter, Conner Temple and Tom Ryan followed the Arthropleura to the bunker to get its venom for an antidote for Stephen Conner accidentally alerted the Arthropleura by knocking over a stool Cutter put out his arm so it could inject him with venom but Cutter had a protective arm band to protect him and store the venom for Stephens antidote. then Ryan tried to shot it but the Arthropleura dodged all the bullets then Conner tried to fend of the Arthropleura with the stool witch got jammed between the Arthropleura pincers when trying to shake the stool loose the Arthropleura accidentally smashed in an electrical box which electrocuted it and weakened and burnt it then it fell to its death ending the Arthropleuras muderous rein.






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