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Arthur Ford is the main villain protagonist of the 2019 videogame Boneworks. Arthur Ford initially seems to be a Security Director at Monogon Industries, and works with two other colleagues: Hayes M., a Security Engineer, and Alora B, an Encryption Specialist. It's later revealed he is actually a double agent for Gammon USB as he uses there tech to access to void in order to achieve immortality.


At the start of the game, Ford inserts a USB stick into the BONEWORKS server, which presumably is the cause of the events that lead to MythOS going into lockdown. he then barricades himself in a room and puts on a Gammon headset He then uses the headset to enter MythOS while it is in lockdown.

Ford is initially tasked with the Anomalous Item Disposal, a task that has Ford throwing items in their respective "Archive" or "Incineration" bins. After he completes the task, he then takes on a new task: to go to the Clock Tower to reset the clock. As the clock gets stuck at "3:14", likely due to Ford's actions.

Eventually, Ford does make it to the Clock Tower where he is able to repair the Gravity Core. This action causes the tower to explode and opens the Voidway. Ford enters the Voidway where he finds himself in a game called Fantasy Land. In the land, Ford also faces dozens of Clones of himself including one who is the "King." Arthur kills the king and takes his crown, coming to the unfinished part of the game where he enters to void completely. But shortly after that, some agents break the room where they find his body and kill him, however, Ford remains in the Void, becoming immortal, ultimately getting what he wanted in the end.

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