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Arthur Pendragon is a villain turned antihero from the light novel Highschool DxD & its anime adaptation. He is a member of Vali Team, who is the descendant of the legendary King Arthur, as well as the witch Morgan Le Fay & is the older brother of Le Fay Pendragon. He was one of the two best swordsmen of Khaos Brigade & a rival of Siegfried.


Arthur resembles a bespectacled young man wearing glasses with blonde hair. He is usually dressed in a businessman suit.


Arthur is calm, polite & a gentleman & he appears to be obsessed with finding a worthy opponent for his Holy King Sword Caliburn.


Arthur hails from the noble House of Pendragon, which consists of descendants of King Arthur & Morgan Le Fay. He left the house after he stole the Holy King Sword with him, thus turning him into an outcast & he joined Khaos Brigade in an attempt to seek for worthy foes. He originally is a member of the Hero Faction & Siegfried's rival before joining Vali Team.




  • Arthur Pendragon shares the same full name as that of his ancestor King Arthur.


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