How do you like the neighborhood?
~ Tunney's signature line uttered before killing someone

Arthur Tunney is the main antagonist of the Law & Order episode "Profile". He is a white supremacist serial killer who preys on non-white people.

He is portrayed by William Carden.


Tunney is a white supremacist who blames non-whites for the death of his mother, who was mugged and killed by African American teenagers. Her death sent him over the edge and he began killing non-whites living in his neighborhood. His M.O. is to stalk his intended victim, say "How do you like the neighborhood?", and shoot them dead with his late father's shotgun.

He also collects white supremacist literature, and shares his racist vitriol with his equally prejudiced sister, who also blames African-Americans for their mother's death.

In the episode

After Tunney kills an Indian-American woman and a Hispanic teenager, NYPD detectives Lennie Briscoe and Mike Logan begin looking for a racist serial killer. Police psychiatrist Elizabeth Olivet profiles the killer as a paranoid, middle-aged white man who lives in the area, has a grudge against non-white people, collects racist literature, and kills with a gun left to him by a relative. The investigation eventually leads to Tunney, whose voice is identified by his sole surviving victim.

Tunney fires his lawyer and hires Horace McCoy, despite the fact that McCoy is African-American; while he hates McCoy, he believes that having an African-American lawyer will give him a better chance of being acquitted. While he is in jail awaiting trial, he is stabbed by an African-American prisoner, further fueling his racism.

After someone commits a copycat murder, Tunney is released on bail. He "celebrates" his freedom by attacking an African-American woman - who shoots and kills him in self-defense.


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