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Artie is the head cook at Camp Arawak, where his pedophilia got him scalded alive. He is a villain in Sleepaway Camp and Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers.

He was portrayed by Owen Hughes.


Artie is a sexual predator. His desire for Angela is the first sexualization of her in the film, paving the way for Paul to become her knight in shining armor, a stark contrast to Artie.


Sleepaway Camp

Artie watched the young campers arriving at the start of the summer, leering at them to Ben. When Ronnie brought Angela Baker to the kitchen for something to eat, Artie brought her in the back room and started unbuckling his pants, obviously preparing to molest the teenage girl. This makes him one of the antagonists. Ricky Thomas intervened, angering Artie while they escaped. Soon thereafter, Angela got her revenge by knocking a chair out from under him while he cooked, pouring a vat of boiling water over his face and hands. Ben found him screaming, and the paramedics soon arrived to take him away. The doctor who arrived told Mel Kostic that Artie would be in severe pain for quite some time. It is most likely that Artie survived

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers

Phoebe mentioned Angela boiling Artie to death when she told her fellow campers about the Camp Arawak murder spree.

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