Arvad is a minor antagonist in Chris Heimerdinger's 2003 novel Tower of Thunder, the ninth book in the Tennis Shoes Adventure Series. He is an officer of the cavalry of Shinar.


After the army of Shinar defeats the Sons of Japheth, Arvad is among the warriors of Shinar who stays behind to hunt down stragglers. Once Rafa discovers Harry and Steffanie Hawkins watching the battle, Arvad, Mash, and their men capture Harry and Steffanie Hawkins.

Arvad and his men bring Harry and Steffanie to Prince Mardon's tent to interrogate him. Arvad waits outside while Mardon, Mash, and Lasha interrogate the Hawkinses. When a fight breaks out between Harry, Steffanie, and Mardon, Arvad and his soldiers bind Harry and Steffanie to bring them to the Tower of Babel.

On the way to the Tower of Babel, the army of Shinar is attacked by the Sons of Japheth. Harry and Steffanie take the opportunity to make an escape. Arvad, along with Mash, Lasha, and some others, rush to stop them as they try to take control of one of the army's war elephants. Arvad climbs the side of the elephant's basket and grabs hold of Steffanie. He succeeds in pulling Steffanie off the elephant as it storms off with Harry. Steffanie is subsequently recaptured by the warriors of Shinar.

Though Arvad is not seen for the rest of the novel, it can be assumed that he died during the destruction of the Tower of Babel.

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